Moto-Master 270mm Brake Kit

The Moto-Master 270mm Brake Kit includes:

  • Flame Series 270mm front rotor
  • Billet caliper bracket
  • Moto-Master Nitro Sport brake pads
  • Offers a performance gain up to 35% over stock.
  • Lightweight design offers up to 20% in weight savings.
  • Flame design offer optimal cooling and unsurpassed smooth and more predictable braking action, which allows you to brake harder.
  • Our new 270mm rotor features a billet CNC machined Aircraft aluminium, black anodized inner ring, ultra-light stainless steel floater setup and a precision grinded, premium stainless steel outer ring.
  • Lightweight design caliper relocation adapter, CNC machined out of billet aircraft aluminium for maximum strenght, black anodized finish and laser marked.



 Much of the superior performance of a Moto-Master
Flame disc lies embedded within its unique FLAME design.


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