Moto-Master Flame MX Rotor 270mm

Our 270mm oversize FLAME rotor is the perfect solution for MX riders looking for more stopping power. Full-floating and cut with our innovative FLAME design, it offers a performance gain up to 35% over stock, along with up to 20% in weight savings.

  • For best performance we recommend using Moto-Master brake pads with the matching pad compound that best suits your type of riding.
  • The Flame MX 270mm rotor features a billet CNC machined Aircraft aluminium, black anodized inner ring, ultra-light stainless steel floater setup and a precision grinded, premium stainless steel outer ring.
  • These oversize discs MUST be used with our adapter bracket in order to relocate the stock brake caliper to the correct position. (Depending on type of bike)
  • For KTM and Husqvarna also available in 260mm version, as used by KTM Redbull USA Factory team.



 Much of the superior performance of a Moto-Master
Flame disc lies embedded within its unique FLAME design.


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