Moto-Master Flame Supermoto Street Disc

The Moto-Master Flame Supermoto Street 320mm Rotor is the ideal solution for the rider that wants race-oriented performance without the cost of switching to a full Supermoto Racing setup. A Supermoto Street Kit is also available.

  • Designed for use with your stock (OEM) brake caliper (not compatible with our 4-piston Racing Caliper).
  • Flame Supermoto Street Discs are 4mm thick and utilize a 320mm floating design.
  • The Flame outer ring is mounted to a steel inner carrier using 10 lightweight design stainless steel floaters.
  • For optimal performance we recommend using Moto-Master SinterPRO Racing GP brake pads with this brake setup.
  • The Supermoto Street setup can be made even more powerful by changing the original (OEM) master cylinder to our Radial Master Cylinder and Steel Braided Brake line.

 Much of the superior performance of a Moto-Master
Flame disc lies embedded within its unique FLAME design.


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