Moto-Master Offroad Brake Pads

Moto-Master sintered metal Brake Pads are developed to give you the most performance and longest life out of your brake system.

Available in 4 different compounds to suit any individual rider conditions and needs: Nitro, Nitro Sport, SinterPRO Racing and SinterPRO Racing GP.




Nitro Sport

SinterPRO Racing

SinterPRO Racing GP

Long Pad Life 5stars 4stars 4stars 3stars
Initial Bite (Brake Power) 3stars 4stars 4stars 5stars
Temperature Resistance 3stars 3stars 3stars 5stars
Quick Bedding-in Time 2stars 3stars 5stars 5stars
Ideal Riding Conditions MX / Enduro / General Use MX / Enduro / General Use MX / Enduro / Advanced Use MX / Professional Use

Nitro Series | NITRO
Sintered MX/Enduro brake pad for general use, an excellent long lasting all-weather performer. Also highly suitable for Enduro use.

Nitro Series | NITRO SPORT
Sintered MX/Enduro brake pad for general use, the one-gradient softer compound adds more stopping power and further optimizes rider feedback.

Sintered MX/Enduro brake pad for advanced riding which provides excellent stopping power in all weather conditions.

High end MX racing pad for professional use, the special sinter mix combines maximum stopping power with high temperature resistance to eliminate any possible brake fade. It’s high initial bite and linear feel allow aggressive and controlled deceleration



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